What size items can fit into Trakkit industrial vending machines

What size items can our industrial vending machines dispense?

Industrial Vending Machines for Items as small as a 2 gram washe
Trakkit can accurately trace and measure inventory dispensed from just two (2) grams and up to larger items like specialty tooling and other critical spares up to 50kg.

EDIT: TRAKKIT internal bins can now take anything up to 70kgs.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Craig from Trakkit here.  I’ve had a few questions lately about the capacity of our machines and what they can actually dispense. 

Our machines can dispense micro-size – really small things – and up to about 600 x 400 x 500 in physical size and about 50kgs in weight.  Because we dispense by weight using scales we can dispense individual things down to a couple of grams (2g) like a tiny little washer right up to bags of rags, clutch kits, brake  chambers – things like that.

When you run inventory you’d probably know that the work it takes just to manage tiny things is just as much work as managing big things like track turntables, engine transmissions and stuff like that. 

So even though we can’t fit those large things in our machines, we still take care of all the little bits which make up probably 80% of inventory anyway including consumables, things you use every day and critical spares you have to have all the time like sensors or speciality tooling – or things like that where you have to know that it’s definitely there so when you go to use it you can just press a button and you know it’s going to be there. That’s the critical part that we try and solve with our Trakkit systems. 

Our Trakkit vending machines make sure that all your everyday items and critical spares like sensors and specialty tooling that you have to have all the time are there ready at the push of a button.

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