Limited Time Offer: TRAKKIT For FREE*

Craig Dahlenburg - TRAKKIT Industrial Vending Machines

Yep. Just in time for Christmas. We're offering TRAKKIT for FREE*. What's the catch? No catch. This offer is no different to test-driving a Ferrari. We know that once you’re ‘behind the wheel’ of this loveable chunk of steel and driving it around all those tricky inventory management twists and turns, you’ll fall in love. We’re just making it easy for you to give it a go.

The best things in life are…FREE TRAKKIT boxes

Just in time for Christmas! All wrapped up, sourced and stocked and ready to deliver for 2022. 

Rest assured there are no scary catches or nasty T&Cs. 

Why are we offering something so valuable for FREE? 

Because seeing is believing. And we know once you try TRAKKIT and play with all her bells and whistles it will confirm all the greatness we’ve been sprucing.

PLUS it’s a great way to advertise our NEW stress-free end-to-end vendor-managed inventory solution – where we, as your exclusive inventory supplier, bring TRAKKIT to your worksite already filled to the brim with all your critical inventory.  We even replenish it when TRAKKIT’s intelligent software tells us. 

To keep things as flexible as we can, we give you two risk-free options. Our “Forever Free” plan and “Free for Six Months” plan. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

Trial a TRAKKIT box for FREE.
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