NEW: VMI Service to Mining and Heavy Industry

Craig Dahlenburg - TRAKKIT Industrial Vending Machines

Instead of only selling or renting TRAKKIT technology as a stand alone product, we're offering this $150K+ vending solution - both the hardware (the shipping container box with the inbuilt vending machine) and the software (TRAKKIT'S own IM software) - absolutely free as part and parcel of this new inventory management service.

Like a portable "warehouse on wheels", our TRAKKIT vending boxes will be delivered to you onsite already filled with the critical inventory items you need - ready to dispense stock within minutes of arrival. We'll also replenish when required.

You'll never run out of stock. And you only pay for what you use.

End-to-end VMI solution including data-driven re-ordering and replenishment

We source, stock, and deliver a complete TRAKKIT box to your worksite choc-a-block filled with all your critical inventory items. Better business cash flow with inventory only paid for only when you use it. Planning, ordering and inventory headaches decrease with the responsibility shifted to us as the supplier.

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