NEW! We now offer an exclusive live demo showing TRAKKIT in action

Just 7 minutes of your time. And we'll show you how TRAKKIT can eliminate your onsite inventory headaches for good.

We know you’re time-poor.

So the least we can do is show you how you can have a richer bottom line in just under 7 minutes.

Don’t worry. You won’t experience any snake-oil sales hype. Just a lickety-split demo to show you how and what our industrial vending machines dispense.

What to expect? We’ll run through all the features live with you on a private Zoom chat and answer any questions you might have.

That’s it. Done.

As soon as you see TRAKKIT in action, the benefits to your bottom line will be instantly obvious.

And if you don’t like what you see? No big deal.

It was only 7 minutes.

You never have to think about TRAKKIT again. And we won’t bombard you after with ‘in the sales funnel’ automated, faceless, impersonal emails pleading you to reconsider.

We promise.

Be warned though. We have so much faith and love for our TRAKKIT boxes that we’re betting a few dollars and a couple of beers it’ll be love at first sight for you too.

The system is pretty clever. 


Questions? Call me – 0427 570 417



Craig Dahlenburg

Only 7 minutes. We promise it'll be worth your while.

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