PPE vending machines are great. But we can do BIGGER. And we’ll quietly back ourselves and say we do better too:)

Craig Dahlenburg - TRAKKIT Industrial Vending Machines

Socks in the sock drawer. Undies in the undies draw. I've personally found this to be a great little lifetime habit to live by. It's a principle we apply to our TRAKKIT box bins. We make sure all your fasteners, filters and other spare parts up to 70kg are packed and configured accurately in custom-sized bins and bin sections. Our robotic technology can then find all your onsite inventory items in a jiffy. No more frantically rummaging around in partly-opened boxes for specific-sized fasteners or critical spares. Ask TRAKKIT and ye shall deliver straight to the operator station in just under 45 seconds.

Craig Dahlenburg – TRAKKIT owner

A little  peek inside our TRAKKIT box bins. These are just some of the items we can fit inside. These bins are delivered straight to the operator station so you can pick and go. Everything is trackable. If you take one item, the weighted bin function will send this data to the cloud and let your inventory management system know instantly. Great for re-ordering critical items you can’t afford not to have onsite. 

More than PPE. TRAKKIT dispenses big items too.

When you’ve got onsite vehicles the size of houses, size does matter. Particularly when you’ve got critical spare parts that’d be pretty handy to have stored onsite 24/7.

TRAKKIT alleviates the headache and frustration of waiting for inventory items housed kilometres away that are critical to keeping your machines moving. If things break down, there’s no more hours wasted waiting for onsite deliveries.  You can get what you need when you need it the most. In 45 seconds. Magic.

TRAKKIT (aka Mr Big Stuff) can deal with inventory items up to 70kg. 

PPE vending machines are great for PPE. But not for too much else. Consulting directly with the Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Construction industries we’ve made sure TRAKKIT can provide an inventory management and vending solution to suit heavy industry.

Inside TRAKKIT boxes, the patented inventory management system uses industrial-sized vending machine bins.  They are, by default, 600 x 400 x 500mm in size. If your spare parts, tools and inventory items can fit inside this bin space and weigh less than 50kg per bin then TRAKKIT is the perfect onsite inventory management solution for you. 

Got bigger stuff to secure and dispense? We can build a TRAKKIT box to custom specifications as well. 

The benefits of being very “40ft shipping container” BIG.

Being robust, secure and easily transportable from site to site, TRAKKIT is like a big warehouse on wheels (minus the wheels – although we could certainly customise a box to have them).

  • Great for remote sites and perfect for shut-downs. It means critical inventory can be stored where you need it the most.
  • No more frustrating travel and wait times for the things that bring your operations to a screeching halt.
  • Place wherever convenient to your onsite operations. Wherever there is flat ground.
  • Reclaim site space. TRAKKIT packs in a whole lot of stuff without needing room for human access. On average, save 40% floor space
  • Automate ordering. Low stock levels can trigger fresh orders. All inventory data trackable and sent live to the cloud
  • 24/7 access with PIN or swipe card user level access
  • Track every item dispensed with 100% accountability
  • Large enough to store returnable tools
  • Grant access remotely

PPE vending machines are a great inclusion in your onsite inventory management solution. TRAKKIT industrial vending machines can stock all your critical PPE and go one step bigger and provide a similar vending function for larger inventory items as well.  

Book a demo to see how easy it is for you to manage your inventory onsite with a portable TRAKKIT industrial vending machine. A great inventory management solution for mining, oil and gas, utilities, construction and other heavy industries.

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