Why bother maintaining inventory onsite when it'snot your core business

The benefits of maintaining inventory onsite with TRAKKIT

Offsite or onsite inventory management? What’s better?

There are certainly great advantages for some businesses to run their inventory offsite. Better organisation, more control, less chance of theft and less inventory management headaches for onsite staff and even the need for staff at all. Space and the ability to buy in bulk is another great advantage. 

Onsite inventory however has the benefit of time on its side. Quick access to urgently needed items like spare parts and tools, particularly in mining and heavy industry, can save thousands in daily operational costs. 

Inventory management using TRAKKIT adds all the benefits of offsite and onsite inventory all rolled into one.  Listen why in the video or read the transcript below.

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Trakkit Industrial Vending Machines - Shipping Container

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Hey, everyone Craig from TRAKKIT here again.

Just want to talk today a little bit about inventory and maintaining it onsite when that’s not your core business.

So we have a lot of customers… heavy earthmovers, truck repairers things (businesses) like that. Inventory is not their core business, moving dirt, fixing things is their core business, but to do that, they have to maintain some level of inventory onsite.

With our TRAKKIT vending machines and our TRAKKIT boxes, that’s the problems that we solve –  being a gatekeeper to all those things that everybody is accountable for every time they go and request something and replenishing that (the stock) when it gets to levels – all through automation.

So you don’t have to worry about anything. The relevant stakeholders get informed When things are getting low they can ship or they can advise that you know something’s going to be able to stop for a while so you can make decisions around that. When you’re trying to run a business or run a site, we all know, it’s those little $20 parts, that sometimes can pull up a machine that’s, you know, two, 300, 500 dollars an hour and it’s the flow-on effect from that, that really hurts. So, even if you just save yourself once, you know, once a week or once a day then it’s money well spent and a return on investment that is hard to measure.


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