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TRAKKIT: The quiet, unassuming brains of your operation

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Down to the last 2.5g washer, TRAKKIT pushes all inventory transaction data live to the cloud. Supplier purchase orders are automatically fired off at a nominated stock level. Whether on consignment or managed in-house, your inventory data will always be 100% accurate and at the assigned levels. No more stock shortages or discrepancies. It's a no-brainer...with brains. 🤔


How TRAKKIT industrial vending machines use data intelligence to make your business better

Trakkit Data Intelligence

We like to think of TRAKKIT as being one of your best employees. The unassuming, hard-working brains of your operation. 

Not only does TRAKKIT securely dispense and track industrial inventory and returnable tools onsite, the rich live data it collects allows you to understand and manage your business operations better. Even from 100s of kilometres away.

Making data-driven decisions with confidence

If you’re making business decisions based on data you need to make sure the data you’re working with is 100% accurate. Via API technology TRAKKIT can integrate with most existing inventory management systems ensuring instant accurate syncing of live inventory data. Examples include SAP, JDE, Netsuite, Myob Qb and others.  Descriptive, diagnostic and predictive analytics can be done in confidence knowing the figures you’re looking at are 100% accurate and up to date.

Guaranteeing availability. Making sure what you need is there, when you need it the most

Managing inventory onsite – particularly in heavy industries like mining, oil and gas, agriculture and construction – can be costly in terms of dollars and productivity. Warehousing with critical parts and stock away from the site can cause massive logistical and operational headaches. Emergency shipping costs for that critical part you need to keep big machines working add up. 

Through gathering and analysing historical data you can quickly devise and implement solutions to ensure smoother inventory management months in advance. You can detect a change in demand and factor in location-specific demands of your business. 

By accurately monitoring and recording every piece of trackable inventory data, TRAKKIT can ensure you are meeting the daily stock management needs of your business, making sure you have what you need onsite, when you need it the most.

Guaranteeing accountability. Eliminate theft for good.

Every returnable tool and every item of inventory is accessed via a swipe card or PIN at the designated operator station. A user requests an item after access is granted and TRAKKIT dispenses the item like a vending machine would. User access data is stored and sent live to the cloud. Remote access can also be given by a supervisor.

The weighted bin technology means that even a few washers weighing 2.5g each can be detected.

Make better, smarter business decisions. Use your TRAKKIT intelligence.

Real-time tracking of stock items with data sent live to the cloud – including returnable tools, critical spare parts and items weighing as much as 2.5 grams can be tracked and dispensed accurately 24/7. 
It’s time to use your TRAKKIT intelligence. Onsite vendor-managed inventory has never been easier. Or smarter. Make planning, forecasting, ordering and restocking easier with 100% accurate inventory data 24/7.

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