Trakkit gives everyone exactly what they need - in three simple steps.

When it comes to inventory management, Trakkit is designed to provide your business with everything it needs – accountability, availability and usability – while simultaneously giving your contractors and employees trackable access to the tools and product they need to do the job 24 hours a day. 

Quick Explainer Video -How Trakkit Works – 2 minutes

How Trakkit Works - Three Simple Steps

We’ve turned complex onsite heavy industry inventory management into three simple steps

User requests item

Trakkit has a front end user interface where users log in, search for and request product and/or returnable tools inside the unit. To be able to receive any product a user must have logged in with a User ID that has the authority to access. Different products can be locked out from specific users if necessary. Wherever they are on the job site (wherever in the world) Supervisors can grant access remotely to employees and/or contractors.

TRAKKIT delivers item

This is where the magic happens. As soon as the authorised user confirms the product they want, Trakkit’s patented technology is put to work. Within under a minute, the product is delivered in a bin to the front of Trakkit. The user confirms product delivery by closing the bin door. Transaction is marked as complete. Same deal with returnable goods – just in reverse.

Data sent live to the cloud

User ID, job number, machine number, product ID and all other relevant transaction data is synced to the cloud updating connected systems. Low stock triggers can automate re-ordering and many other automations are possible. Everything is recorded and synced. Who, when, what and how many. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have 100% accurate recordings of what’s going on. Trakkit gives you true insight onsite.

Complete with a mobile app giving supervisors the flexibility and freedom to move offsite while still giving vending machine access to tools and product remotely.  It’s like having locked-up stock in your pocket.


....AAAAND because Trakkit is so ridiculously clever,  you can put her in reverse gear too. Employees and contractors can sign out returnable equipment - like power tools and keys - and sign them back in at the end of the shift. That means 100% accountability every minute of the day. Excellent.

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