Trakkit is a world-first patented technology with so much to offer. You’re bound to have a few head-scratching questions. We’re here ready to answer them all. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll get back to you ASAP with an answer.

Signing in and out of tools with Trakkit


Since everything is dispensed by weight, Trakkit can accurately track and measure items from a tiny 2.5 gram washer up to anything that will fit inside a 600 x 400 x 500 bin weighing up to 70 kilograms.  If you’re finding someone has been slowly dipping into the washer lolly jar, it’ll soon add up. With Trakkit, you’ll be able to pinpoint precisely how much, who and when.  Find out more HERE

Yes. TRAKKIT offers the ability for tools, keys or anything else of value on a worksite to be securely stored 24/7. A user can sign out an item and be responsible for its return. 100% accountability. 

Absolutely. You can choose to have just one supplier/vendor fill your TRAKKIT box or have multiple suppliers. TRAKKIT offers the perfect solution for Vendor Managed Inventory solutions. You could have a primary vendor that supplies most stock and sources other stock on your behalf or you can also provide vendor user access to multiple vendors to access space within the TRAKKIT box. All data synced and sent live to each vendor ensuring easy reordering and restocking. Not matter what, you’ll always have what you need when you need it most. 

Inside the TRAKKIT vending machines you’ll find steel bins of varying sizes. This is where your inventory is neatly packed. Anytime an item is requested TRAKKIT brings the relevant bin storing that item to the front operator station. The size configuration of the bins depends on a mix of our recommendations based on your stock lists and your required customisations.

  • Configured to customer requirements
  • Default suggested stock lists based on years of industry knowledge including PPE, general consumables that are standard at most sites etc
  • Machines configured based on size/quantity in custom lists
  • Custom/unique products can be configured. One-time only set up required


Yes. Via API technology TRAKKIT can integrate with most existing systems ensuring instant accurate syncing of live inventory data. Examples include SAP, JDE, Netsuite, Myob Qb and others.

Yes.  Our cloud-based TRAKKIT.live system holds all the transactional data, orders, user info, product info, maintenance and trouble shooting portal and machine configuration

There is no time wasted transferring over to a new inventory management software package. The trakkit.live software also integrates with most existing inventory management systems via API. 

TRAKKIT can also work offline if connection issues.

Via the Trakkit.live software interface, reordering is straigtforward. It can be automated using ROP (Reorder Point Method) or done manually. Reorder back to full capacity or less than full. After PO in place, and goods arrive to site, the PO order number is added into the operator station interface and the restock sequence begins as per next FAQ point below.

The restock PO # is entered by the user into the operator interface and TRAKKIT will select the bin to restock with items based on shortest route to front operator station. The operator interface will display the item and ask you to double check and confirm it is correct before you place it in the bin. Restocking is complete.

Yes. Users can access stock and tools easily via the operator station. They can request items and be granted access either remotely or via their own user PIN number or swipe card. 

Yes. Our TRAKKIT boxes have been purpose-built to be easily moveable from site to site. The only static requirements per site is access to power and, if live data syncing important 24/7, reliable internet access. Note: TRAKKIT will run just fine offline and data can be synced later if connectivity is an issue. 

Yes. Not only is TRAKKIT 100% Australian-owned and invented, it is also manufactured here in Australia as well. There’s no waiting for overseas manufacturing and shipping. We build right here on Australian soil. From start to finish, on average, a standard TRAKKIT box takes approximately 12 weeks.*

*Subject to variation. On average and based on standard configuration of a 20ft container size. 

1. Clients completes a TRAKKIT configuration questionnaire including site requirements
2. We design the perfect TRAKKIT box configuration to suit
3. Client accepts proposed box config and pricing
4. Onboarding including online training commences in preparation of your box delivery
5. Once built, (approx 12 weeks from start to finish*) we deliver your shiny new TRAKKIT box to you onsite. Plug it in. Go!

*Subject to variation. Based on standard 20ft box configuration

TRAKKIT can be purchased outright or via a monthly/yearly rental agreement. 

How Much?

Our pricing is very flexible and based on your custom requirements. Email [email protected] to request indicative pricing, 




TRAKKIT is a new technology with so many features and benefits. If there's a few things we haven't answered please ask away...

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