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Live via Zoom App. We’ll show you TRAKKIT magic in action and chat with you at the same time how a customised industrial vending machine can benefit your business. Stock locked tight. Goodbye theft. Hello 100% accountability.


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Things you'll love about TRAKKIT...

live inventory tracking

Track everything live in the cloud. Plus grant access to stock remotely - wherever you are in the world.

The new contractor Joe needs a drill in a hurry onsite. And you’re the only one with the authority to sign in/sign out inventory. You could just meet Joe back at the site office 25 valuable minutes away from where you are OR you could simply grab your phone, click a button and give Joe remote clearance to grab whatever he wants from the goodies in your custom-filled Trakkit vending machine.  Smart. Efficient. Trackable. And yes – very cool. 


Stock locked tight. Goodbye theft. Hello 100% accountability.

Onsite inventory theft and discrepancies will be a thing of the past. Trakkit’s intelligent weighted bins means that even down to the last 2.5 gram washer, every bit of inventory is traceable.  Pretty clever. And a little bit cool.

Trakkit Industrial Vending Machines - Shipping Container
Returnable Tools - Access and Logging with Trakkit

Know instantly where all your returnable equipment is 24/7

Who’s got all our power drills booked out? Anyone know where the keys are for the chemicals shed? Has Pete forgotten to return the spanner set again?  The answers to all these questions will be in the palm of your hands. With Trakkit you can track returnable equipment as well. Sign out. Sign back in. All trackable. Absent-minded Pete will have no excuses. 100% accountability.

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