your critical inventory sourced, stocked & delivered onsite. for free.

We source, stock, and deliver a complete TRAKKIT vending box to your worksite choc-a-block filled with all your critical inventory items. An end-to-end heavy industry inventory management solution.

We deliver. You access instantly.

When it comes to inventory management, TRAKKIT is designed to provide your business with everything it needs – accountability, availability and usability – while simultaneously giving your contractors and employees trackable access to the tools and inventory they need to do the job 24 hours a day.

Trakkit Industrial Vending Machines - Shipping Container

The TRAKKIT box – Your inventory inside a 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

Instant access to critical inventory via industrial vending machine technology.

TRAKKIT’S front operator station. 

All transaction data sent live to the cloud. Save time and money with clever inventory management automation processes.

Goodbye Theft. Hello 100% Accountability.

VMI Time and Cost-Saving Benefits

No More Stock Shortages

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A smart way to get TRAKKIT for FREE.

TRAKKIT solutions including the hardware (the shipping container box) plus the IM Software (TRAKKIT.LIVE) start at $150K. With our VMI solution, access to this technology is yours completely free.

Something so valuable to your business at a price you can’t beat.

VMI solution +
Some restrictions...

FREE. And Easy. Some Supplier Restrictions
$ 0
  • TRAKKIT Box - All Vending Features
  • Delivery and Set Up
  • Regular Stock Replenishment
  • 24/7 Support
  • TRAKKIT.LIVE IM Software
  • Stress-FREE VMI Solution^
  • Restricted Supplier. Contract Pricing
  • **TRAKKIT free for life OR for more supplier flexibility you can easily upgrade to a monthly rental plan at any time. P.O.A - cost to upgrade depends on size of TRAKKIT box and other custom choices available.

    Initial small fee for set up and delivery applies. Fully refundable after 6 months. Refer to T&Cs.

^TRAKKIT’s own VMI solution follows a traditional full service stock replenishment model with the added benefit of our TRAKKIT.LIVE inventory management software – giving all stakeholders access to instant live data allowing automated ordering of critical stock in a timely manner. No discrepancies. No theft. Just perfect inventory data for all your big and small ticket items.  As a full end-to-end VMI service you won’t need to lift a finger.

How it works: TRAKKIT's NEW stress-free vendor managed inventory service. Providing you with the use of a TRAKKIT industrial vending box. Forever FREE.*

How does the delivery service work?

We source, stock, and deliver a complete TRAKKIT box to your worksite choc-a-block filled with all your critical inventory items. 

This provides you with all the great benefits of a VMI solution with the bonus use of our TRAKKIT industrial vending machines PLUS our TRAKKIT.LIVE IM software for FREE. Delivered onsite. Ready to go. 

Your choice of 20ft or 40ft container space – always filled to the brim with your critical parts and products. Onsite 24/7. Secured and accessible via our TRAKKIT industrial vending machine technology. See how TRAKKIT works HERE.

When you've got onsite vehicles the size of houses, size does matter. Particularly when you've got critical spare parts that'd be pretty handy to have stored onsite 24/7.

What fits inside? The benefits of being very “40ft shipping container” BIG.

More than PPE. TRAKKIT dispenses and tracks tiny items from 2.5g washers up to big spare parts up to 70kg. 

TRAKKIT alleviates the headache and frustration of waiting for inventory items housed kilometres away that are critical to keeping your machines moving. You can get what you need when you need it the most. In 45 seconds. Magic.

TRAKKIT can deal with inventory items up to 70kg. Consulting directly with the Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Construction industries we’ve made sure TRAKKIT can provide an inventory management and vending solution to suit heavy industry.

Inside TRAKKIT boxes, the patented inventory management system uses industrial-sized vending machine bins.  They are, by default, 600 x 400 x 500mm in size. If your spare parts, tools and inventory items can fit inside this bin space and weigh less than 70kg per bin then TRAKKIT is the perfect onsite inventory management solution for you. 

Got bigger stuff to secure and dispense? We can build a TRAKKIT box to custom specifications as well.  See a typical list of inventory items that will fit in client TRAKKIT boxes

End-to-end VMI solution including data-driven re-ordering and replenishment

We source, stock, and deliver a complete TRAKKIT box to your worksite choc-a-block filled with all your critical inventory items. Better business cash flow with inventory only paid for only when you use it. Planning, ordering and inventory headaches decrease with the responsibility shifted to us as the supplier.

Eliminate theft

Your stock is secured. Transactions authorised remotely to allow trackable access.

No more stock shortages

Data is synced to the cloud triggering automation throughout all your connected systems.

Time Saving

No waiting for tools or required stock to get the job done.

Flexible site-to-site set up

The Trakkit machine is a robust shipping container able to handle site-to-site moves.

Find stock easily

Search for stock easily via the interface. Trakkit knows where every last little screw lives.

Design Your Own

Trakkit’s storage units are completely customisable to whatever your site requires.

Enjoy the benefits of a robust VMI solution with the bonus use of a $150K+ TRAKKIT box for FREE.

No more painstaking stocktakes. Discrepancies. Re-ordering nightmares. TRAKKIT technology sends your inventory data live to the cloud. Re-ordering and restocking is done by our team of inventory experts. You can get back to doing the things you do best. The only thing you’ll be counting are the pennies you’ll be saving. 

Questions you'll want answered...

Good question. We’ve been in the heavy industry inventory supply game for over 35+ years. Over time we’ve been able to carefully curate a list of known inventory items per industry type. 

You’re not the only one to ask this question so we created a visual list to give everyone a better idea of the types of things we can fit ‘in the box”. Check it out here –

Straight after you request a free TRAKKIT box, we’ll create what we recommend as the perfect inventory for your style of business and you can add/subtract whatever you want. 

Sometimes we get it a little wrong, but normally we’re pretty spot on. 

In one word – nope.

We get the pain in your head right now.  Coordinationg a change in your inventory management practices probably seems a little blah. It’s daunting and overwhelming even if the benefits of the change are clear. That’s why we’re determined to make the whole process stress-FREE as well as dollar-FREE. Our little gift to you.

As soon as you give us the word, there’ll be a little bit of client reconnaissance first up (no getting around that but we’ll make it fun!) and then we could have a TRAKKIT box in place zipping along within six (6) weeks. After about a month of use your life will feel complete. We then give you a whole six months to fall in love with every ounce of TRAKKIT’S shipping container metal.  

Yes. You can offer world-class inventory management technology to your clients and pretend it was all your genius. Some conditions apply. Contact [email protected] for more.

Yes.  As an end-user, if vendor-managed inventory suits you better, and you already have a great working relationship with your supplier/s you can still take advantage of TRAKKIT’s world-class inventory management technology without lifting a finger. Just ask your vendor to contact us direct to explore ways in which we can help get their items into our boxes – and ready for you to securely dispense seamlessly onsite 24/7. Some conditions apply. Contact [email protected] for more.

CALL SALES: +61 427 570 417 We like a chat. 

OR EMAIL IS GREAT TOO: [email protected]


* Your friendly neighbourhood T&C's

 Nothing to be scared of and no small print hiding nasties. We’re a business that believes in old-fashioned handshakes, giving our word and essentially not being ar#eholes. In case you need some assurances please read below.

  1. FREE Offer subject to the size, type, location and scale of your business. Min. sales turnover. We’d like to offer a TRAKKIT machine to your local lemonade stand but we gotta be practical about these things. 
  2. An initial set up and delivery fee of $1000 applies. Fully refundable if you continue your journey with us past the first six months and either a) continue on with the ‘forever free’ plan OR b) enter a rental agreement or buy outright agreement after six months.
  3. No payment for use of our TRAKKIT boxes ever on the ‘forever free’ plan.
  4. After six months, if you don’t love what TRAKKIT has done for your business, we’ll be devastated. And confused. You might even see grown men cry. But alas, we will remain dignified and remove all traces of TRAKKIT from your life. No sulking. No questions asked. We won’t block your number. You can call us back anytime.
  5. After six months, you have the option to buy outright or to rent. Whatever suits your business model best.  More on that will be discussed when we’re at the pointy end of our final agreement.
  6. To make it quick and easy for all parties, inventory sourced and packed in your TRAKKIT box will be bought by you and supplied by us.  Aha! The ‘catch’ you say? Nope. Still no catch. We simply offer this because our expertise, efficiencies, and buying power mean we’re good at it and we’re keen to let you experience all our goodness. Contract pricing applies. Simple really. 
  7. Restocking not available in all locations
  8. Limited time offer. TRAKKIT availability is limited. First in. First served.
  9. If you prefer to use your own suppliers for the trial, we can set up TRAKKIT at a negotiated price.
  10. If you need your legal eagles to scour the ins and outs of an official agreement we get that. We’ve got a few of those types of people too. So they can get together and go to town on the corporate law babble. But don’t ask us to sit in and listen. 
That’s it. Any questions email us – [email protected] OR call if you like a chat +61 0427 570 417
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