Fix costly onsite inventory inefficiencies with TRAKKIT industrial vending machines.

Introducing a smarter, faster way of making sure your critical spares, products and tools are onsite 24/7.   TRAKKIT industrial vending machines can dispense items up to 100kg. No more killing time and burning cash waiting for that critical part to arrive. Instantly eliminate theft and stock shortages. Get TRAKKIT onsite today.

Trakkit Industrial Vending Machines - Showing Front Operator Station that works like a traditional vending machines securing large parts up to 100kg

“Forget human error. Theft. Shortages. Discrepancies. Adjustments. These daily inventory headaches will be a thing of the past. We guarantee it. “

- Craig Dahlenburg

Stock, spare parts, equipment & supplies secured inside a portable industrial vending machine.

Your inventory secured & packed to perfection inside a giant, onsite, mobile vending machine.

Consider Trakkit as a tough-as-nails industrial vending machine that sits securely inside an even tougher shipping container unit. It's packed to perfection with your company's product and industrial supplies inside steel bins and trays of varying sizes - not an inch of room is wasted. Workers and contractors alike can access what they need to get the job done in three simple steps.

Goodbye Theft. Hello 100% Accountability.

Limit Productivity Loss & Down Time

No More Overstock or Stock Shortages

Latest TRAKKIT news...

NEW: VMI Service to Mining and Heavy Industry

Instead of selling or renting TRAKKIT technology as a stand alone product, we’re offering this $150K+ vending solution – both the hardware (the shipping container box with the inbuilt vending machine) and the software (TRAKKIT’S own IM software) – absolutely free as part and parcel of our new inventory management service.

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Limited Time Offer: TRAKKIT For FREE*

Zero dollars. No risk to you. We’ll deliver a fully stocked TRAKKIT box onsite ready to go. You’ll instantly enjoy the benefits of TRAKKIT with the addition of our NEW stress-free vendor-managed inventory delivery and replenishment service.

All your critical inventory items sourced, stocked, secured and delivered onsite without you having to lift a finger. Start accessing stock minutes after delivery. Limited time offer. Some T&C’s apply*

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Use your intelligence - Data intelligence provided by TRAKKIT

TRAKKIT: The quiet, unassuming brains of your operation

Down to the last 2.5g washer, TRAKKIT pushes all inventory transaction data live to the cloud. Supplier purchase orders are automatically fired off at a nominated stock level. Whether on consignment or managed in-house, your inventory data will always be 100% accurate and at the assigned levels. No more stock shortages or discrepancies. It’s a

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Trakkit works similar to a vending machine, securely stocked with all your heavy industry tools & goodies. Request an item via the product search interface and Trakkit finds and delivers it to you within 45 seconds. Magic!

TRAKKIT vending machines come set with everything ready to get going. All you need is 240v power, connectivity to the internet and flat level ground. Being easy to set up machines can be deployed for short or long term usage anywhere on site. 

How Trakkit Works - Three Simple Steps

We’ve turned complex onsite heavy industry inventory management into three simple steps.


User requests item

Trakkit has a front end user interface where users log in, search for & request product secured inside the machine.

TRAKKIT delivers item

Using patented robotic technology, within under a minute, the product is delivered in a bin to the front of Trakkit.

Data sent live to the cloud

Everything is recorded and synced. Who, when, what and how many. Great for automating the re-ordering of low stock.

Complete with a mobile app giving supervisors the flexibility and freedom to move offsite while still giving vending machine access to tools and product remotely.  It’s like having locked-up stock in your pocket.


PLUS employees and contractors can sign out equipment - like power tools and keys - anything really - and sign them back in at the end of the shift. That means 100% accountability every minute of the day. No more inventory theft.

" With instant user access granted to stock via the Trakkit mobile app, it's like having locked-up stock
in your pocket!"

Things you'll love about TRAKKIT...

100% Australian-owned. Australian-invented. Australian-manufactured.

live inventory tracking

Track everything live in the cloud. Plus grant access to stock remotely - wherever you are in the world.

The new contractor Joe needs a drill in a hurry onsite. And you’re the only one with the authority to sign in/sign out inventory. You could just meet Joe back at the site office 25 valuable minutes away from where you are OR you could simply grab your phone, click a button and give Joe remote clearance to grab whatever he wants from the goodies in your custom-filled Trakkit vending machine.  Smart. Efficient. Trackable. And yes – very cool. 


Stock locked tight. Goodbye theft. Hello 100% accountability.

Onsite inventory theft and discrepancies will be a thing of the past. Trakkit’s intelligent weighted bins means that even down to the last 2.5 gram washer, every bit of inventory is traceable.  It’s the only vending machine for industrial supplies and spare parts of its size on the market. Pretty clever. And a little bit cool.


Instantly know where all your returnable equipment is 24/7

Who’s got all our power drills booked out? Anyone know where the keys are for the chemicals shed? Has Pete forgotten to return the spanner set again?  The answers to all these questions will be in the palm of your hands. With Trakkit you can track returnable equipment as well. Sign out. Sign back in. All trackable. Absent-minded Pete will have no excuses. 100% accountability.

Trakkit ticks so many boxes...

Eliminates theft

Your stock is secured. Transactions authorised remotely to allow trackable access.

No more stock shortages

Data is synced to the cloud triggering automation throughout all your connected systems.

Time Saving

No waiting for tools or required stock to get the job done.

Flexible site-to-site set up

The Trakkit machine is a robust shipping container able to handle site-to-site moves.

Find stock easily

Search for stock easily via the interface. Trakkit knows where every last little screw lives.

Design Your Own

Trakkit’s storage units are completely customisable to whatever your site requires.


The best bit? The bean counters will finally love you.

(They may even shout you a beer. No. Really.)

TRAKKIT benefits everyone in your business. Save money without working harder. Improve inventory efficiencies with less time and human resources. 100% accuracy & accountability.  Not just for the free beer from the bean counters, if you’re in the business of heavy industry inventory management, finding out more about TRAKKIT’s intelligent technology is a no-brainer. 

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Chat to us today about a custom onsite vending solution. We guarantee your daily inventory headaches will be a thing of the past.

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