Vendor Managed Inventory Option - Multiple Suppliers

VMI Model Options: Can TRAKKIT stock products from multiple suppliers?

Craig Dahlenburg - TRAKKIT Industrial Vending Machines

Imagine walking into a remote worksite without ever having to worry about the the ready supply of critical PPE, spares and consumables? A vendor-managed portable TRAKKIT box acts like your local 'convenience' store, always stocked full with inventory items from your primary supplier or multiple suppliers - open 24/7.

Why VMI?

We like easy. And there’s nothing easier than vendor-managed inventory (VMI) options with our TRAKKIT industrial vending machines.

So why would a business choose a VMI model? And how does TRAKKIT seamlessly facilitate a vendor-managed solution from multiple suppliers?

Mutual benefits of VMI to suppliers and businesses

A vendor-managed inventory model offers advantages to both suppliers (vendors) and the vendee – the business they supply their goods to.

Supply chain optimisations are possible through shared data and shared responsibility between the supplier and business. Armed with rich data, the vendor has a closer understanding of stock level requirements and can use this data to adopt better forecasting methods and maintain accurate inventory in their own manufacturing of goods and the supply of those goods – particularly when transportation lead times need to be factored in.

Because a vendor is invested in ensuring quality service and return business and keeping their client seamlessly stocked up and happy, VMI makes it less likely for a business to run out of critical consumables and be left holding excessive stock. Holding costs and employee costs due to human error are avoided.

VMI + TRAKKIT equals the perfect inventory management solution

Our TRAKKIT boxes fit in perfectly with a VMI model. No bloated warehouses. No delivery delays or employee errors. Just accurately stocked worksites through shared data technologies.

Imagine walking onsite without ever having to worry about the logistics of ensuring the ready supply of critical PPE, spares and consumables? A vendor-managed TRAKKIT box acts like a portable ‘convenience’ store stocked with carefully managed inventory items accessed via PIN or swipe card 24/7.

Choose a primary supplier (vendor) to manage all stock in your TRAKKIT box OR allow multiple vendor access

If you’re keen to decrease your stock management time, costs and headaches, you can choose to have a primary vendor that supplies most stock and sources other required supplier stock on your behalf OR you can provide user access to multiple vendors to access space within the TRAKKIT box.

All inventory data is synced and sent live to each vendor ensuring easy, accurate reordering and restocking based on agreed fill levels.

No employee ordering errors. No more costly stockout nightmares. 

With responsibility shifting to the supplier/s you’ll have more time to concentrate on what you do best.

Get what you need from the TRAKKIT box 24/7 knowing you’ll always have the correct critical spares and consumable items at the right time.

Onsite vendor-managed inventory has never been easier.

Book a demo to see how easy it is for you (and your vendors) to manage your inventory onsite with a portable TRAKKIT industrial vending machine. with

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