It's OK to fall in love with a shipping container. No. Truly.

Low maintenance. Keeps you safe at night. Forgives you when you make mistakes. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with that. What we love most? Inside that hard exterior is a super-intelligent brain with a memory that can recall where everything is. It’ll even go get it for you. All you have to do is request it. Even at 3am in the morning. 

Trakkit Love

Whether you're a site manager, purchasing officer or end user, here's the things you'll love about TRAKKIT...

live inventory tracking

Track everything live in the cloud. Plus you can grant access to stock remotely - wherever you are in the world.

The new contractor Joe needs a drill in a hurry onsite. And you’re the only one with the authority to sign out/sign in returnable inventory. You could just meet Joe back at the site office 25 valuable minutes away from where you are OR you could simply grab your phone, click a button and give Joe remote clearance to grab whatever he wants from the goodies in your custom-filled Trakkit vending machine.  Smart. Efficient. Trackable. And yes – very cool. 


Stock locked tight. Goodbye theft. Hello 100% accountability.

Onsite inventory theft and discrepancies will be a thing of the past. Trakkit’s intelligent weighted bins means that even down to the last 2.5 gram washer, every bit of inventory is traceable.  Pretty clever. And a little bit cool.

Trakkit Industrial Vending Machines - Shipping Container

Know instantly where all your returnable equipment is 24/7

Who’s got all our power drills booked out? Anyone know where the keys are for the chemicals shed? Has Pete forgotten to return the spanner set again?  The answers to all these questions will be in the palm of your hands. With Trakkit you can track returnable equipment as well. Sign out. Sign back in. All trackable. Absent-minded Pete will have no excuses. 100% accountability.


What clients are loving...

Triple Torque Services has had a Trakkit vending machine in operation for around 12 months.

Since then we have reduced the amount of dead man hours, which is staff driving around picking up parts because they were either out of stock or not stocked in our workshop.

We now know what we have on hand at any point, we don’t have to pay for it until we use it, we know who used what parts and what they used them on.

We can now charge our customers for parts used specifically to their jobs and not have to use a generic charge to cover our workshop consumables.

As we do major repairs on underground equipment, our processes are rigorously enforced to meet industry standards and procedures. We can now say with certainty how some parts are stored and the procedures around using those parts in our workshop.

As  a trial user od Trakkit over the last 6 months the machine has had minimal downtime and usually that downtime is for upgrades and restocking. As with all new products there were some initial bugs and requests to the system that were changed and improved the system.

We will keep working with Craig and Peter to improve their system as we can clearly see the benefits to our business.

Brad Hughes. Co-owner Triple Torque Services.

I am the owner of All Time Diesel, a heavy truck and transport workshop in Emerald in CQ. Craig has shown us the prototype Trakkit box he has in service at the moment and we will be taking a 20ft version as soon as ours is available.

On a day to day basis we struggle with maintaining our stock and spare parts, on occasion we have not charged our customers for parts we should have. Sometimes missing charges of over $1000 just because a procedure wasn’t followed.

To me Trakkit is a no brainer, knowing who has used parts and who they should be charged to seems a certain way to stop inventory shrinkage and the almost impossible task of trying to manage consignment stock.

We have requested some changes to our box and those changes have been made and can’t wait to have it in action.

Ben Mabin
Owner – All Time Diesel


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