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NEW: VMI Service to Mining and Heavy Industry

Instead of selling or renting TRAKKIT technology as a stand alone product, we’re offering this $150K+ vending solution – both the hardware (the shipping container box with the inbuilt vending machine) and the software (TRAKKIT’S own IM software) – absolutely free as part and parcel of our new inventory management service.

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Limited Time Offer: TRAKKIT For FREE*

Zero dollars. No risk to you. We’ll deliver a fully stocked TRAKKIT box onsite ready to go. You’ll instantly enjoy the benefits of TRAKKIT with the addition of our NEW stress-free vendor-managed inventory delivery and replenishment service.

All your critical inventory items sourced, stocked, secured and delivered onsite without you having to lift a finger. Start accessing stock minutes after delivery. Limited time offer. Some T&C’s apply*

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Use your intelligence - Data intelligence provided by TRAKKIT

TRAKKIT: The quiet, unassuming brains of your operation

Down to the last 2.5g washer, TRAKKIT pushes all inventory transaction data live to the cloud. Supplier purchase orders are automatically fired off at a nominated stock level. Whether on consignment or managed in-house, your inventory data will always be 100% accurate and at the assigned levels. No more stock shortages or discrepancies. It’s a

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Inventory Theft Prevention with Trakkit

How Trakkit Detects Inventory Theft

Trakkit’s intelligent weighted bins mean that even down to the last 2.5 gram washer, every bit of inventory is traceable. It’s the only vending machine for industrial supplies and spare parts of its size on the market. Big or small, Trakkit traces it all.

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