How Trakkit Detects Inventory Theft

Inventory Theft Prevention with Trakkit

How can TRAKKIT detect and eliminate inventory theft and discrepancies? It's magic!

The joy of theft

This is not the type of topic we’d normally like to address. Suggesting someone on your team might be a little bit of a light-fingered Larry or Laura isn’t exactly great for team morale – especially if you have no trackable proof. Aside, it’s the reality of onsite inventory management. Items go missing. It’s a pain for you and your bottom line. And it needs to be fixed.

What we assume to be inventory theft may not be. Inventory items and returnable tools and equipment can simply be misplaced, left behind or lent out without malice and never returned by the final user. Human error definitely comes into play.  We’re guessing even you’ve probably got an old ladder or power tool battery lying around in your shed from a job years ago. Never intentionally theft. The boss said you could have it for the weekend. It was never your intention to extend the loan period to 17+ years. 

Instead of inventory theft being swept under the carpet as a fait accompli and written off as an unavoidable cost, we decided to do something about it. 

While developing TRAKKIT for the past eight (8) years we’ve focussed on three (3) primary objectives every business needs for onsite inventory management. Accountability, availability and usability.

Our vending machines give you all these things. Mostly in part due to the 24/7 trackable permission-based secure access to the tools and product your team and your contractors need to do their job.

  • Nothing leaves TRAKKIT’s rock-solid inventory bins and trays unless permission is given by a logged-in user via the user interface at the front of the machine. 
  • Your supervisors and your workers remain 100% accountable. You remain 100% in the know in terms of stock levels and discrepancies with data syncing live to the cloud.
  • It’s perfect for large items – spare parts and returnable items like power tools and can detect tiny items being taken from the bins as well.  If you only need 10 x 2.5 gram washers, don’t take 20. The bins are weighted and all those extras add up to unnecessary waste. 

TRAKKIT tracks, and knows all:) 

Every transaction is traceable. You’ll know who’s doing and taking what onsite – even if TRAKKIT is placed on a site that is very remote.

Nothing gets past TRAKKIT without clearance. It also provides real-time reporting, more efficient and safer sites and immediate secure access to inventory. 

If you’re in heavy industry like mining, oil and gas or manufacturing, and onsite theft prevention is a priority for you, it’s a no-brainer you’ll want it for your next worksite. 

Request a demo onsite or via zoom. Seeing is believing. We’ll happily show you how TRAKKIT magically saves you headaches, time and dollars. 

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